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Zealous Energy Services

Zealous Safety Standards

Creating smarter, safer solutions from our solid experience.

When safety comes first, superior results follow. At Zealous Energy Services, our commitment to safety and environmental compliance has earned a Superior Safety Record, above industry averages.

By applying extensive experience and both standard and customized training courses, we equip our employees with the knowledge needed to complete jobs safely and successfully while remaining compliant with all state and government regulations.

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Zealous named top 70 performer by LWCC for 4 years

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Zealous Double Tier Safety System

Zealous Energy Services employs a double tier safety system, unique to the industry, to ensure quality control on site and greater redundancies in safety.

By working harder and solving smarter, Zealous able to maintain our standards to safety and quality, as well as all state, government and regional compliances.

For the comprehensive list of certifications for each job classification, download the Zealous Energy Services HS&E Training Requirements.

Download Training Requirements


Zealous Core Training Requirements

Every Zealous employee, regardless of their position, undergoes the following HS&E core training requirements as part of the Zealous Safety Program:

  • Customized Company HS&E Orientation
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Basic PPE
  • Hazard Identification
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Behavior Safety
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • OSHA Compliance

Zealous Training Requirements

Beyond the HS&E core training requirements, Zealous Energy Services employees and crews receive training in the following classifications, as they apply to their roles.

1. Basic rigging
2. H2S
3. Fit test
4. First aid/ CPR/ AED/ BBP
5. Fire watch
6. Fall protection
7. Heavy equipment safety
8. Forklift safety training

9. Confined space training
10. Defensive driving
11. 40-hour hazwoper
12. NCCO crane operator
13. Merchant marine officer
14. Blaster pilot 100 tons
15. Lock out tag out
16. PEC safelan

From the top, down, we strive to find smarter, more productive ways of working, from small projects to work in major basins.
Kenneth J. Leblanc
We do a lot behind the scenes to make sure we’re working as safely as possible. Our double tier safety system is unique to our industry, and I believe it makes all the difference, even helping to earn our Superior Safety Record.
Ronnie Powell
Safety Coordinator
We play to our strengths – heavy construction, marine and inland water services— so we can bring the hard-earned experience and efficiencies to a number of projects, large or small.
David Stutes
Operations Manager
Superior Safety

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Our commitment to safety and environmental compliance has earned a Superior Safety Record, above industry averages.

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