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Zealous Energy Services

About Zealous Energy Services

Forming working partnerships for assurance on site and experience on hand.

Zealous Energy Services brings passion and energy to every project. And these projects can range dramatically from well site preparation and construction services for a variety of land locations, including all of the major basins, to marine and inland water projects around the country.

Founded in 2011, Zealous has grown to 8 offices covering the Gulf Coast, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Permian Basins. With Zealous applying our experience to find safer, smarter solutions and greater efficiencies.

Throughout every project, our standards for safety and proven construction experience help to make your job easier, safer and more affordable.

[zel-uh s]


Full of enthusiasm, actively devoted and diligent.

Having or showing zeal. Fervent, fervid, passionate, impassioned, devoted, committed, dedicated, hard-core, enthusiastic, eager, vigorous, energetic, intense.
Zealous Energy Services

Our Leadership Team

Kenneth Leblanc

President/ CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mitch Shoffiett

Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors

Scott A. Angelle

Vice President, Member of Board of Directors, Chairman of HSE Committee​

Working Partnerships & Leadership

At Zealous Energy Services, our experience is at your disposal.

By forming working partnerships with clients, we find greater efficiencies on-site while helping you identify and avoid costly errors.

In fact, we take pride in completing every job in a timely manner while upholding the highest standards for safety.

Zealous Energy Services is led by driven and dedicated oilfield, pipeline and marine services professionals, all working to provide turnkey solutions that increase project productivity and establish a successful, safe worksite.

Zealous Total Man Hours





Zealous named top 70 performer by LWCC for 4 years

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Zealous Energy Services

Safety Certificaitons

Veriforce - Zealous ISNetworld - Certifications - Zealous PEC - Zealous DISA - Certifications - Zealous (2) BBB - Zealous
From the top, down, we strive to find smarter, more productive ways of working, from small projects to work in major basins.
Kenneth J. Leblanc
We do a lot behind the scenes to make sure we’re working as safely as possible. Our double tier safety system is unique to our industry, and I believe it makes all the difference, even helping to earn our Superior Safety Record.
Ronnie Powell
Safety Coordinator
We play to our strengths – heavy construction, marine and inland water services— so we can bring the hard-earned experience and efficiencies to a number of projects, large or small.
David Stutes
Operations Manager

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A path to excellence always begins with the right people and a focus on safety. 

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