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Zealous Energy Services

Zealous Professional Industries and Markets

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Government

Zealous Energy Services thrives in every oilfield construction project; from drilling to pipeline to production facility construction.

We provide turnkey solutions, applying our experience and an innovative approach to provide efficient, effective solutions for everyday construction challenges.

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Industries Served

In the Upstream market, Zealous Energy Services provides turnkey solutions for both land- and marine-based operations.

Upstream Services

For land-based projects, we apply our hard-earned expertise for a variety of services including drill site construction, pile driving, decommissioning, marine operations and other heavy construction projects.

Discover the full scope of our Upstream land services here, as well as our inland water and environmental services.

By offering turnkey solutions for the Midstream market, Zealous Energy Services applies an innovative approach to streamline your operations.

Midstream Services

Zealous brings best-in-class capabilities to a variety of Midstream services, both land and marine, including pipeline construction, production facility construction and decommissioning projects.

Explore the extent of our Midstream land services, as well as our environmental services capabilities here.

When you need dependable Downstream construction services, count on Zealous Energy Services.

Downstream Services

Whether the project is large or small, we take the experience gained in our numerous lite and heavy construction projects to enhance our Downstream capabilities, which range from general maintenance to complete facilities construction and decommissioning expertise.

Discover the full suite of Zealous Energy Service’s Downstream capabilities here.

The Zealous team is fully licensed and fully bondable, with a full engineering staff for quality control.

Government Services

By approaching everyday construction challenges with a new, experience-driven approach, we find more efficient ways of working, saving time and helping you stay on budget for all Government projects.

We Value Our Relationships

By working with you throughout the project’s lifecycle, we form working relationships with our clients, allowing us to find more productive and efficient processes, thereby reducing overall expenditures.

These working relationships with clients, combined with our dependable construction expertise, helps to make your job easier, safer and more reliable.

Upstream, Midstream, Downstream—we’re there, and we have the deep experience, range of services and inventory of equipment to meet the heavy construction needs of any project.
Zealous Operations
Whether we’re working with super majors or small independents, we bring the same passion and energy to every project, working tirelessly to make your project a success.
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Zealous Superintendent
When choosing Zealous, you get more than a turnkey solution provider. We serve as your source for knowledge in local regions, helping to spot potential challenges before they become issues.
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Zealous Business Development
We believe that every Downstream project, no matter the size, from extensive facility construction projects to minor repairs and maintenance, requires the technical expertise and proven experience to support your production goals.
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Zealous Superintendent
By approaching everyday construction challenges with a new, experience-driven approach, we find more efficient ways of working, saving time and helping you stay on budget.
Zealous Service

Zealous Proven Results

Super Major Exploration Company

During a six-month job in the Atchafalaya Basin, Zealous reduced travel time, per diem costs and hotel expenses by supplying a marine living quarter vessel with galley hands on-site for personnel and crews.

The service and solution saved the customer $900.00 per day over several months.

Industry Services

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Turnkey Solutions for land, marine, and environmental-based operations.

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